Officers dating enlisted

I've seen it over and over again. Usually the enlisted spouse will not reenlist to save the higher earner's position. Also, socialization with your fellow officers will be problematic. Career management for mid to senior level level officers involves going to the social engagements, networking, and building friendships - much of this requires having your wife being there and making friends herself.

Your fellow officers will be quite wary of being friendly, or even having their spouses be friendly, with an enlisted. If you want to serve for a few years, make it to O-3 or O-4, and go back to being a civilian this won't be too much of a problem, but it would be difficult to go much higher than this.

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  • Why can’t an enlisted soldier date an officer??

There should be one rank system. You graduate from high school, you come in at a 1. You graduate from college, you come in at an 6. But if you are worth a shit, you could in time transition from a 5 to a 6 like a normal promotion. I've known many many Sergeants that should have been Captains, and many Captains that had no business commanding troops.

A single rank structure would alleviate a lot of that bullshit between the officer and enlisted, and the best capable people would have a real opportunity in the service.


Commissioned Officers are something altogether different from enlisted in so many ways it isn't funny. It's not just a matter of level or promotion. The transition from enlisted to officer is a large change that warrants more than just moving up a level. Many others went through OCS and became pilots. There is a legal distinction in US and international law between a commissioned officer, a warrant officer and an enlisted person.

Officers dating enlisted?

Education, intelligence, ability, etc. Removing the distinction between officers and enlisted and that would entail changing a lot of laws and practices.

My time in the Navy I worked in the V-2 division. It's catapults and arresting gear on a carrier.

Should You Enlist BEFORE Becoming An Officer?

Our division officers were pilots. Not a great job for a pilot - no flying and all so the guys we got were usually not stellar. A few had really screwed up and I think V-2 was what they got instead of an end to their career. So I've had my share of working with zeroes that weren't the best. But at the end of the day they were commissioned by the US government and I was not.

And that got him some nice perks, that came with a lot of legal responsibility that I did not have to share. I agree there is a difference, my point was its not necessary. There are many, many excellent NCO's that would do a better job than the minority of officers that are inept or incompetent. We all have served, we know that to be true. We've all had to deal with a Captain or Major that was clueless. Promoting based on job and command skills over points would put better people in charge. It doesn't matter though, it will never happen. Even though It would improve both the morale and efficiency of the services.

Junior Officers in the Navy are charged so much less with leadership than in the Army. He asked for a public hearing.

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  • Officers dating enlisted?.
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The whole thing lasted about four minutes. Lepper, staff judge advocate, 5th Air Force. Joiner also could be placed on restriction for 60 days. If found guilty at court-martial, he could have faced a dishonorable discharge and up to two years in prison. It took him several phone conversations to convince her they could be together only by marrying, she said.

Joiner said there is no proof his relationship had any adverse impact on the Air Force: As a lawyer, he, himself, is responsible for enforcing the rules essential in preserving good order and discipline. McQueen had been unaware the two even knew each other, she told Uptmor. That annual Corps anniversary dance is in November. In , the Department of Defense made fraternization policies consistent.

Now all services follow the same guidelines: Marriage is no defense against fraternization charges even if couples are in different units or chains of command.

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Air Force statistics show that as of December , of 5, married officers, were married to active-duty enlisted members. Fifty-two other marriages involved officers married to enlisted members of the Air Force Reserves or National Guard. Ten of the married couples are assigned to Kadena Air Base. What are the rules on officers dating enlisted soldiers?

I've always been interested in joining even before DB was enlisted. I met with recruiters all the time back in HS trying to get enough info and DB hated it. And was one signature away from doing OCS for the Marines last summer, my soph year of college. DB has been enlisted since Would we be breaking any rules?

Any info would be helpful Thanks! Because the relationship was established before you become and officer it is a preexsiting relationship. It would be something total wrong if you were both in and than got together.

Why can’t an enlisted soldier date an officer? | RallyPoint

It took longer than we thought. One day at a time, one step at a time, and one day we will get there. It's a big no no in the military.