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We can't keep Chad waiting!

Let's go get married! I had been holding it for a while now and it was annoying having to take it everywhere. Can I put my bag here? I'm introducing you to other people!

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Maybe I should've told you this earlier, but you now have two step-brothers! One of the boys looked about 15 and the other - who was pretty dang tall - looked about my age, maybe a year older. Chad stood between the two boys and rested his large hand on the older one's broad shoulder.

I couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

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Even though I acted just like my mother, I looked nothing like her. I'd inherited my father's thick auburn hair, dark green eyes, and pale skin rather than Mom's dark brown hair, deep brown eyes and nicely tanned skin. The two boys nodded as if to say "oh" and offered me small smiles.

He returned a smile and pulled me into a quick hug, which took me completely by surprise.

He nodded and stayed quiet as the older one began introducing himself. His icy blue eyes stared into mine, and for a moment I forgot what I was even doing there. They seem very friendly. He let go of me a few seconds later and we both sort of stared at each other until Hayes awkwardly cleared his throat.

They didn't look like brothers, more like cousins.

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The only thing that really tied them together were their gorgeous blue eyes. Hayes walked off to a group of boys who were standing near the table full of food, leaving just Nash and I. There was a brief moment of awkward silence before he cleared his throat. I wrapped my arms loosely around Nash's neck as he cautiously placed his hands on my hips. Never slow danced before? That's okay, I can teach you how to; just look at my feet.

I probably would've broken a bone by now if I were wearing them. He finally looked up at me and smiled as he continued stepping side to side.

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Then, out of nowhere, he spun me around. I raised an eyebrow at him and smiled. Where did you learn that? Chad and I will be gone for a week. Nash is in charge, got that? I gave him a playful glare before looking back at my mother. Chad did the same, and before I knew it they were in the car, speeding down the street. Nash and I laughed and turned around.

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