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Putting aside the "friendzone" debate, most, if not all, of the couples I know started out as friends, are in the same social circle as each other, or a friend-of-a-friend 2nd degree friend. Most people say to ask a girl out ASAP, but when I talk to my female friends, they told me it's weird to date someone they don't know very well.

What do you ladies think? All of the people I've dated have already been somewhere between friend and acquaintance. Like the friends you mentioned, I'd find it odd to date someone I didn't know. Because the movies and dating advices in English are about going out and "meeting new people" to find a partner. In "How I Met Your Mother" and the like, they constantly randomly meet gorgeous people and immediately go out and date.

It makes it seem like people go out "chasing" potential partners, which means any encounter with a stranger has a strong potential of ending up in a date. Sure, but it's sometimes hard to know, among the things I and other foreigners find weird or unusual, what is real and common in the USA from what isn't. Things like proposing on one knee, houses without basement, having devastating storms or celebrating a huge success by eating a random pizza seem 'foreign' to me.

It's hard to judge what is what.

Lots of proposals happen on one knee, not all houses have basements, there are terrible storms check out the tornado from Oklahoma , people love to have celebratory pizzas but celebratory sheet cakes are more common sometimes they are combined. Sheet cakes all taste terrible. My Texas Spice Sheet Cake is the best damn thing you will ever put in your body.

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Houses in the South Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma often do not have basements because of high water tables , which would make building a basement really impractical and cost-prohibitive. Haha I suppose it sounds silly now that I read over it, the way I phrased it. In my experience, it's more like two friends or strangers interviewing one another for sex. Afterwards you might decide to go out and do couple-y things together for a while before deciding that you're "dating".

If you are a guy in the working world and you don't date at work, the only other real option is to start asking out women who you aren't friends with.

How to Date in Your Social Circle

The same holds true for women in the same situation. Well if you live anywhere and don't have available friends or are out of school then you couldn't date this way no matter your location. It also seems like the casual, interview-like courtship is much longer in the States in these situations.

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I think I'm odd in that I don't like dating within my social circle. I tend to date from meeting online or out and about at activities. If I may ask, how does that work? I'd think attraction would be a bit harder if you aren't physically present in close proximity. Like I get in contact with someone, we message back and forth a tiny bit, set up a first date. You work out if you're potentially attracted to them by their photos and profile, then message a bit to see if you're on the same wavelength, then progress to meeting in person on a date and go from there.

I'm not actually sure But really, now you've got me stumped as to the origin, haha. I have dated friends but I've dated far more guys that I've met online.

I prefer to expand my horizons and while I love my male friends, I'm rarely attracted to them. Most of my relationships have been people I met at school and was friends or friends-of-friends with, but my current boyfriend is someone I met online and got to know in a dating scenario rather than a friendship scenario. I think both ways are pretty normal. Mostly I date men I've met online though I've met one or two through friends.

I quite like them being one step removed from my social circle, to be honest. When I was younger high school, university I did. I had a much larger group of friends and acquaintances to date. I now have a few close friends that I spend most of my time with, and they're not people I'm interested in romantically.

Now I go out with people I've met online, met in various places, and the occasional friend of a friend. I live in a small city, if you don't know any of my mutual friends, we probably have zero in common unless of course, you're from out of town or something, like my roommate's boyfriend: Even when I go on dates with dudes from Ok Cupid, we usually know the same people. My previous boyfriends were friends first. I never dated someone who wasn't a friend first, I wasn't interested in that. I think it's easier and the relationship works out better in the long run if you're able to be friends with your partner first.

That way, you already know what theyre about and you can relax more and enjoy dating them instead of always trying to impress them. I'm a fan of 2nd degree. No awkwardness if they say no, and you have an insider giving you tips. My SO started out as a second-degree acquaintance. Before that, I did date within my primary social circle, so there are some exes I still see on rare occasions.

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Now that I have an SO it feels kind of awkward if the get-together is a small one. If we broke up, I don't think I would have dated within a primary circle of friends again. Most of my relationships have been with friends of friends. I am married now to a friend's husband's friend , but when single, I preferred to date people that I met through my friends and their significant others.

I have dated both people who were already friends and people I knew briefly. I usually have spent at least several hours getting to know someone before I ask them out. It is nice to know a person a bit more before going on a date but really you can just go on like dates. From there you should know if you want a relationship or not. Yes, I date mostly in my friend-of-friend and acquaintance group. I like knowing who I date. I would not feel safe dating somebody I had no social ties to.

We met each other as complete strangers.

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  • We greeted each other one day and for about a week we stayed with small talk. Finally one night, he was walking behind a friend and I then caught up to us as we were discussing his new purchase of a Porsche. He asked if I would go for a ride and then we had our first date the next night. We were always together after that night. ThisNThat Banned Jul 4, Joined Feb 13, Messages Likes Age I was wondering, is it a bad idea to date within your social circle? I hear some women that refuse to do it because they know that Tom has already been with women A, B, and C in that same circle, right?

    With this knowledge, they'll be turned off and refuse dates with Tom, right? Plus there's a matter of reputation if you ask more than one woman out in the group, much less date them. That said, is it better to date complete strangers you approach on the street? The ironic thing is, most people met and got married through their friends' circles, right?

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