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Have you felt an inner urge to reinvent yourself and your business? The quick fix to complacency is to network with people who are better than you. When you network with top-notch professionals, they teach you the secrets to their success.

Too many people hide behind their phones and never make the real connections that come with networking. Go to an event, meet some people, and extract their nuggets of wisdom that you can apply to your business. The greats never settle. He moved out to San Diego and started living large.

Instead, when you focus on scaling your business, making more money, and serving more people, you raise your standards. But as long as you have a solution to a problem, you can make it work.

How did he build an empire 3 times over? All 3 times he had a problem, he knew others had the same problem, and he came up with a solution for that problem. Jason wanted to play college basketball, so he went out and worked his ass off to get better. Then he stopped playing basketball and lost his passion for it.

My point being, if you guys think you earn macho brownie ponts just cuz you manage to step over the lowest rung on the social skills ladder, well then Doc Love has your balls in his bank account. It's all good tho. The Doc is keeping you dear little clueless ones from breeding and that's a net gain for humanity. Maybe that's Doc's Snidely Whiplash nefarious purpose in giving such mentally unhealthy creeperguy advice! Andreas 10 July Seriously, i found this article because i was actually looking for some negative constructive criticism towards corey wayne.

To counter the massive positive criticism he has received. But if you are going to criticize someone, then you have to actually know his material and write down in what way he is bad. He doesn't teach you to treat women bad. His material actually makes sense and he is being realistic about the whole thing.

The Douchiest Online Dating Coaches

He also has an approach which focus alot on building your own self esteem up and focusing on your goals. What the hell is wrong with that? Starfish 25 July David 12 August You clearly did not read Corey Wayne's book. It took him over two decades to write his book.

His book changed my life forever and I feel like I am in tune with my true self after studying his material. His book might look structured at first but it is not. Please read his book till the end and list him again. Coach corey wayne got me and my girl back together his work is the best I have ever used period. Joe 18 August Corey wayne helped me maintain my relationship and be a better man and reconsider my emotions This article just attacks people who try to better other people's lives based on their experiences Whats wrong with that Write about something more positive next time.

Lewis 20 August Corey is probably the main reason I have a love life, it's clear to me you didn't apply what he teaches, if you did you wouldn't have needed to write this because you'd be busy dating beautiful women. Read his material and you'll see it's more about improving yourself as a person, after that all else begins to fall into place. Leonara 09 September I like Coach Corey Wayne. As a married woman who encouraged my unlucky in love colleague to look into his material after watching 20 of his YouTube videos in a row yes 20 in a row!!

He knows how to treat women. He's right, self esteem and confidence are very appealing to women.

An Inside Look – Jason Capital

Can't comment on the others because I don't know their 'work. Aidan 06 November I found this website to seek out counter-arguments to Corey Wayne, since I've been following him for a few weeks, and this article helped me see something: Wayne is still right.

You claim that you've attempted to try out his logic, you say it doesn't work, but don't offer any examples to be broken down and analyzed.

You claim he's a "nice guy," but don't offer any examples. And you offered no rebuttal to any of his teachings besides claiming it doesn't work and then not elaborating on that. Finally, Corey Wayne's works aren't just about women, it's about getting your shit together and being a man first. You, on the other hand, have put forth a fallacious argument. In the word of Corey Wayne, "Come on, Man!

Miguelino 18 Desember Ive been following coach corey wayne work for a while. Hes teachs does work he mainly focus on human behaivor its almost a science.

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Hes work is mainly focus on if a women dont want you in their life why stick around you walk away. Being indifferent is not being mean.

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Clearly this article sucks. Colt 28 Desember I tried this article, it didn't work Since when does "I tried it" equal sufficient enough for "it didn't work. However, when people apply themselves to something and do it day in and day out, they start seeing results. Today I am a Spanish speaker because I did not try learning it I just learned it.

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When you have stopped trying and have learned Corey Wayne's material write another article. Maybe I'll try it ;-. Jake 31 Desember I'm actually laughing a little bit because I was going to berate this article for its lack of investigative journalism on Corey Wayne but it looks like almost every other comment has already done that. Your review on him is laughable. One of the only dating coaches that knows what he is talking about, in my opinion. Luke 12 January I highly disagree with having Corey Wayne on this list. Corey Wayne has been a great contributor to my life I have read his book cover to cover times and he is by far, a true humanitarian and knows his stuff very well.

That is the most important principle that any coach must preach.

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  • Carmelo 17 January He teaches you to boost your self-esteem if you're low on it, and lower your expectations so you don't overthink your dating goals. Also to be a gentleman around women and do what you want in life From the look of this comment section, I think we can see who the clear winner is.

    Zach 12 February I never comment on articles like this but I just have to second everything the other commenters have said about Corey Wayne. The guy might just be the real deal. Look how many people are supporting him and chiming in about the real results they've seen! Me too, and I've only just begun. None of the others on the list has a single supporter in the comments. Bryan 06 March I agree Doc Love has a grating, interrupting, know it all, condescending attitude to his own customers.

    Some of his teachings are ok, but any man who treats people as coldly as he does or subconsciously begins to model himself after that man's obnoxious personality will lose all his friends,. Lewis 21 April Good job driving readers away lol. Breezy 20 May My room mate actually got me into reading Corey Wayne's book. At first it doesn't seem consistent but it does seem logical.

    I actually searched his name trying to find dirt of him and I found this article to be incredibly invalid and what seems to be inacurate. Almost like you read that back and and stopped there. I was intrigued by how much my friend loved his work and tried it myself. If there's one thing I've learned solid, it's to take care of myself to create a more confident character. It does seem a little harsh to leave a girl alone if she's not pursuing you, but why waste time wanting someone that doesn't want you?

    Trina 22 May Thank you for this list. Or Evan Marc Katz amd so many others? Each and every one of these people spout out the silliest nonsense! I think this list should be longer if you ask me. Bobby 26 May Long on accusations, short on facts. Just started looking into Corey Wayne, seems legitimate, but early.

    He does come across like a good man.