Can i hook up a verizon phone with metro pcs

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Will I be able to do that? Lubomyr October 13, 7: Leronlb March 29, 7: As long as you get an answer, it really doesn't matter. Mr5tealUrKills Sep 3, , 1: So I spoke with the customer service rep on the phone. She wasn't very helpful, she just told me to take the phone to a local store which I cant, since I don't have it.

Mr5tealUrKills Sep 3, , 2: I'm half tempted to try it but I don't know Almost every carrier has a web site you can plug in your phone info in and find out if it will work.

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Active on Metro PCS and APN Settings works Perfect

I have a note 5 and I was thinking of switching to metro as well but the phone don't open and has no slot for a sim card can it be possible to still keep my phone Porschea Aug 14, , 5: How did you enable your "Add" button your Verizon note 5 if you don't mind me asking? FrankHope Aug 15, , It is easy to unlock with full functionality via Unlock Code online.

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The answer is yes. How To Get the Procedure Complete?

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This procedure is quite simple. In order to unlock your iPhone you should visit a third party site and select the unlock option. This process works for all of the GSM iPhones that are unlocked. In this case you will need to visit a local store so that you can get your iPhone flashed to the Metro Services.

The direct stores of Metro PCS do not support such flashing, but other companies advertise that this procedure is possible. Yes, it is possible. In order to transfer the services you will have to call the customer service of Metro PCS. Your old phone should be switched off throughout the process so that the signals do not come in the way of the transferring process.

Call and request the customer service and ask them to send you an IMEI number of the iPhone should be kept in hand just in case and you should ask to begin the transfer process. The data packages do not operate with the transfer iPhone cellular devices, but if you have a WIFI connection, then this problem will be resolved with ease. Click on the General Settings. Select the Cellular Data Network. The MMS should be turned off. Leave all other fields blank. Select the Home option to return to main screen.

Once it is set up you can test it and you can turn your WIFI back on. Also, turn the Data off and the 3G should be turned on. Because the iPhone is not locked, also if the phone is not under the reported, stolen, or negative list, then you will just have to purchase the SIM card to activate the services. However, if you are not a member, then you will have to pay the monthly bill for the first month. The Metro PSC does not unlock at their stores so you will need to purchase an unlock code from the internet. When the phone is unlocked you can use the services with ease.

Hence, there is absolutely no need for your phone to get flashed. Flashing is known to not be directly supported by the Metro PCS and can be against their conditions and regulations. Though, it is still probable to flash a phone. Though, it is still probable to utilize the iPhone without a SIM card slot if you flash the phone to this service utilizing third party services and tools. Metro PCS is known to be able to support unlocked iPhones while they are on their network. This service does not support flashed iPhones while they are on their network.

This tells us that it is better to obtain an unlocked iPhone rather than to get it flashed. The reason for why flashing has not been recommended is because it is a tough process and the phone might not work properly while it is on Metro PCS. Hi if I were to buy a iPhone 5 from the apple store could I bring it in and use it in metro?

When it turns back on will it still be connected to metro or not. When it turns back on will it still be connected to metro or not, Yes, It will be connected to metro pcs, because T-mobile phones are compatible with metro pcs. Can I switch my iPhone 5c from sprint to metro pcs! What would the process be for that? Would I have to unlock it???

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Can i hook up my cell phone to my home phone

Hi, I have a Magic Jack phone at home. They have an app you can download to your cell to make free cell calls through the MJ service. I have been trying to figure out a way without buying a voice plan to use my Magic Jack app on a cell phone. If I bought a used iPhone without any voice or data plan, I think it could still connect to internet with Wi-Fi to download the App, but I think I could then only use the phone outside the house if I find a public Wi-Fi spot.

verizon galaxy s5 wanting MetroPCS service - Android Smartphones

Is there another way of doing this. Does Metro pcs support visual voicemail and wifi calling for iphone 5? Just unlocked mine after contract. T-mobile is compatible with metro pcs. Can I active a iphone 4s Verizon on metro pcs? I have an iphone 4, it was unlocked by previous owner an given to me.

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It was working fine until Thurs. I had full bars, but no carrier. What else can be done? If using a tmobile phone will it still need to be unlocked? Are there any aspects of the iphone that will not work well on Metro? And I want to know how much does the installation going to be for Metro PCS and how much do you pay a month? Sprint Wireless has been unlocking some out of contract phones.